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Konstantin Rachev October 26, 2019 · 5 minutes to read · The platform

This one is special for our team. We are writing this article as launch message to all people related and non-related to the project and the development around it.

Resources. The launch.

The resources section will be the public part of our project - sharing the know-how of our team, what are are up to and couple of advices we think would be helpful.

So, today, October 25th, 2019 is the official launch of our product. Currently flagged as alpha version, we hope you'll give it a spin and find something useful.

So, we are officially flagging the start of A SaaS platform based upon the idea of automation and innovating a process, that we have unfortunately accepted as boring and not needed one.

What is our main purpose and why we built it?

Well, it was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. Through the years, we needed a faster way of generating dynamic content as fast as possible. It was coupled with the process of sending and issuing documents like certificates and badges. However, pretty bad one is that not many of the recipients do keep their documents and the other part want worldwide, faster and easier method of sending them abroad and moreover — verifiyng the identity.

So, this was our motivation. We are willing to help all the responsible people for event making. We are glad to tell you that the next week will happen the official release of a long-awaited feature - offline event prepration + last minute module. You'll find out what is the hidden meaning behind this one.

As it is said in our plans and pricing page, the first month will be free of charge for all our clients. After this, subscription will be needed(except the first plan). However, we are well-aware of people who only need the issuing process for 2 or 3 documents, nothing more. So, no need to overkill. We decided to assure you that forever free package will be available. This is a promise.

There is something more — the team is completely into helping others, so all state schools + non-profits in Bulgaria and not only, may submit a request for royalty free plan suitable for their needs. The eligble users will need to go through one-time verification process in order to keep our policy. We want to be of your help, that's it.

Our API documentation + ready-to-use integrations written in PHP and Node.js would be available as well. All coming into the next few weeks. Currently going through UI and API testing in order to deliver high quality service to you.

So, that is a brief explonation of what is the idea and the motivation behind our project and team. Stay tuned for more news and incredible features. We will deliver them to you.

So, this was the announcement.

Now, we are going back to work. Hope everything would be better. If there are any questions, you can use the chat widget or our support question.

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